sábado, 12 de junio de 2010

Cherries in anise

Guindas en anís

250g cherries

Glass jar with a sealable 1l.
500 ml of anisette or brandy

First we'll enter the open boat and lid in a pot with boiling water so that it completely covers. We'll let boil about 15 minutes to be sterilized. After you remove the tail to the cherries, the well will wash the secaremos and introduce into the pot without touching the inside of the finger. Finally, cover the cherries with liquor up to 1 cm from the edge of the jar and close them right. We have to wait about 3 months to eat them, but will be worthwhile both cherries and resulting liquor.
At the photo still have just over a month so that they are ready. Do not take too many!

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