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Pasta stuffed: Sacchetti Parmesan, Emmental and bacon

Making pasta at home is a snap also immensely rewarding. It takes time, but not too much skill. Anyone can do it and besides, the multitude of existing types, make it a food that you can never get tired.

Sacchetti de queso y bacon

Fresh pasta dough

1 egg per 100 grams of flour
For this recipe:
200 gr flour
2 eggs

For the filling

Emmental cheese
Parmesan Cheese
100 g bacon

Mix eggs with flour and knead until dough is very compact. With the help of a rolling pin, stretching it to obtain a dough as thin as possible, 1 mm or 2. Cut pictures of 10x10 cm and reserved on a cloth.
Grate enough cheese in equal parts of both and add finely chopped bacon. Picking up the box in his hand, put a bit of the cheese mixture and bacon in the center. Close joining two corners first and then the other two. To be closely united thrust under the skirt with the handle of a teaspoon.
If you do not be consumed at the time, should be kept in the fridge, too, in the freezer.
To taste it is fresh pasta watershed as normal, about 10 minutes in boiling water with salt and a few drops of oil if the habit.
Ah! And serve with the sauce one we like. Those in the photo are made with a golden onion in skillet followed by chicken and eggplant in small pieces and covered with cream. Minutes boiling, adding them to the Sacchetti y. .. to eat!

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